Questions about the database


Boolean search operators

| The operator OR

  • represented by the sign |
  • adds search terms and thus broadens the possible results.
  • ex.: surgeon|physician
  • ex.: Audet|Lapointe
  • ex: sale|grant|cession
& The operator AND
  • represented by the ampersand & or the space between two words
  • limits the search terms and further refines the results.
  • ex.: surgeon 1730
  • ex.: François & Audet & Lapointe
^ The exclusion operator AND NOT
  • represented by the circumflex ^
  • removes from the results entries affected by the exclusion term. Simply insert the circumflex ^ before each of the terms to be excluded from the results
  • ex.: notaire^seigniorial

Proximity operators

«...» Quotation marks
  • allow searches for an expression or group of words in the order defined by the search request.
  • ex.: «panis de nation»
  • The search term in quotation marks followed by a numeral add proximity in the specified order within a given number of terms.
  • ex.: «panis nation»5
  • The search term in quotation marks followed by the at sign @ runs a random proximity search for two or more keywords, on condition that they are not separated by more than the number of terms specified in the request. Said number immediately follows the at sign @.
  • ex.: «panis nation»@5


? The limited truncation operator or mask
  • represented by the question mark ?
  • can be substituted for a letter in a character string. The question mark is generally used when the spelling of a word varies.
  • ex.: Qu?bec
  • ex.: Auber?
* The unlimited truncation operator
  • represented by the asterisk *
  • completes the character string in one or several words. The asterisk may be placed as a suffix, prefix or between two letters to replace up to 40 characters.
  • ex.: Arsen*

How to do a search?

Once you connect to your account, you can access the search page directly; then, all you have to do is input your search terms in the field provided (search bar in the middle of the screen).

How to view the complete record?

In order to access the complete reference for each record, click on the Download function. Select the button opposite the desired record and click on Download. Each download will be recorded in your account.

Comments and corrections

The Parchemin data bank contains hundreds of thousands of entries, of an extremely varied nature. Although they have undergone exhaustive checking, reading errors or data entry errors are always possible. Please don’t hesitate to email us about any data corrections that may be required; once they have been checked, we will make sure to insert them in the databank as soon as possible.

Commemorative Products

Anniversary album, brochure, historical exhibit or book

Be part of history with the Anniversary Album formula… Do you cherish the thought of commemorating an important anniversary of your neighbourhood, parish, town, municipality, or association? Opt for an anniversary album and entrust Archiv-Histo with the task of immortalizing your history with a self-funding formula. Our collaboration can also take the form of books, brochures or exhibits. Invite your families or association members to tell their story. Archiv-Histo can help you set up a committee to record a lasting historical legacy for future generations. Société de recherche historique Archiv-Histo has been producing books, anniversary albums, brochures and exhibits that reflect the collective past of Quebecers for nearly thirty years. Now, it is offering its extensive expertise in the fields of historical research, writing and publishing for the benefit of your community or group. If you desire, we can offer you a complete package with special financing terms. Is there an anniversary in your community’s future? Be sure to call on our services. See the Publications section of our website for examples of our work.